Calédonie Charter, a non-profit association created in 2010 that brings together 13 charter companies. Its purpose is to observe humpback whales in the great South Lagoon of New Caledonia while ensuring that the impact on these mammals is minimized

Signatory of the cetacean observing charter that we have helped to set up with the South Province, we are working hand in hand with the Directorate of the Environment and the Association Opération Cétacés to raise public awareness of the preservation of our lagoon and inform you of the latest discoveries about these animals still full of secrets.

This year, touch pads will be made available by WWF in most of our boats to develop the cetacean identification application.

In the continuity of our approach of actions of protection of the environment, journeys towards Prony were created for you on the site of the association Covoiturage.Nc, in order to share your displacements.

This year, whale watching trips with members of the association are marketed by two entities. You can book your outings now by clicking on these links: